Bounce With Us Party Rentals is family and locally owned operating out of Erie, Colorado. We bring the friendly and courteous service from our small town to your event. Your satifaction is our baseline for success. We don’t want this to be your only rental from us, but a partnership that will last a lifetime.

  • Bounce House / Jump FAQ’S

    Q: Why do you charge a reservation deposit?

    A: Our bouncers in most cases have a higher retail value despite renting them for the prices of lower valued bouncers on the market. In order to keep our operations efficient and our prices competitive we require a credit card deposit to secure your reservation. This also helps to prevent non-licensed and un-insured operators from fraudulently reserving our equipment and degrading the quality of service that we can provide you. Thank you for supporting Colorado Small Business!

    Q: Will my deposit be refunded if I cancel my reservation?

    A: You may cancel your reservation for a full refund of your deposit / pre-pay up to 24 hours prior to your rental date by contacting us by phone or email. If contacting us by email, please be sure to provide us with as much information on your rental as possible, name, phone number, address, date of rental. Reservations cancelled within 24 hours before your rental but before 7am the day of your rental must be cancelled by phone and deposits / pre-pays will be applied to a future rental up to 1 year from the date of your original reservation. Reservations cancelled on the same day as your rental after 7am are non-refundable with the exception of a weather cancellation as described in the next question.

    Q: What if it’s raining or snowing during my rental period?

    A: Colorado Weather is unpredictable and an occasional rain or snow shower is ALWAYS a possibility. We highly suggest that you look up the “hourly” forecast at www.wunderground.com for your zip code and in the time of your event generally any precipitation chances higher than 60% mean that you’ll probably experience rain at least half of the time in that hour. Our bouncers can be rained on so long as they are dried with towels prior to participants jumping on them. In the event that it is raining or snowing, or if renting inflatables and the wind is more than 25mph, at the time of delivery, you may cancel and any deposits / pre-pays can at your choice be refunded, or applied to a future rental within 1 year from the date of cancellation. We urge you to check your hour by hour forecast prior to cancellation as many times we receive call backs to setup after a cancellation which then can result in an additional “same day” reservation charge since all of our drivers have already been scheduled out after 6:30am the day of your rental.

    Q: Can you set up in a public park or on a business’s property that we have rented?

    A: The following cities are known to forbid inflatables of any kind in their public parks – Denver, Lakewood, Loveland, Northglenn, Westminster, and Wheatridge, Firestone, Longmont. Installing at businesses is acceptable so long as an authorized agent of the business is available to sign the rental agreement and release paperwork. In the event that you wish to install in a public park in other cities not mentioned, we will contact the cities to determine their rules and regulations regarding these activities. Please be advised that other requirements by these municipalities may add additional charges to your rental including the requirement of having an attendant from Bounce With Us Party Rentals present, and may require specified pickup and/or delivery times outside our normal windows. We will hold your reservation until such time that the rules for your particular event are determined prior to collecting your deposit. Deposits in these instances will be determined and will require pre-payment of any special permit fee’s and if an attendant is required an initial $25 attendant reservation fee. These fee’s in most cases are non-refundable.

    Q: I found an inflatable to rent much cheaper online or in the newspaper, why shouldn’t I rent from them to save a few dollars?

    A: In this case the old saying “You Get What You Pay For” is a reality. Compare their bouncers to ours apples to apples. All of our bouncers are less than 2 years old. All of our bouncers are from one of the safest and most dependable manufacturers and distributors in the world. All of our bouncers are in most cases larger, we are Insured, and we are licensed. All of our inflatables are fully cleaned and disinfected after EVERY use so your participants don’t go home with something they didn’t come with from your event. We also NEVER store them wet. You may save some money by using a “fly-by-night” operator, however you need to understand that these operators are usually only interested in making some extra beer money and may have picked up an inflatable from one of our distributors, or even worse a big box store whose equipment is not certified for commercial use. Many times they may be using an inflatable that was resold for personal use that is past it’s usable life for commercial use. In many cases, inflatables are no longer safely rent-able after 3-5 years of use. Some operators may find these units resold at garage sales, flea markets, or other such places and then look to make a quick profit on renting them at a “discounted” rate lower than that of responsible operators. This is not only an unsafe practice, but an irresponsible one. Bounce with Us Party Rentals is SIOTO certified in safety, fully insured, fully licensed with the State of Colorado with the Department of Revenue and the Secretary of States Office. Many “fly-by-night” operators do not sanitize or clean their equipment or even worse, properly dry their equipment after it has become wet, causing many allergens and triggers for asthma such as mold, mildew, and bacteria to go un-controlled. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. ALWAYS AVOID ANY “CASH ONLY” OFFERS!! Something may go wrong with your rental, and you may find the contact information for that person is disconnected or no longer active the next day. Don’t put yourself, your family, and your event participants in any unnecessary danger.

    Q: Why shouldn’t I just buy a bouncer myself from a big box store?

    A: The units you buy at a big box retailer, or even a manufacturer direct for personal use are NOT intended for birthday parties or other events. In most cases the weight limits won’t allow more than one participant larger than 100lbs, and a maximum of 3 participants. Furthermore, many come with cheap plastic stakes, and most are not even certified for outdoor use. (read your instructions carefully!) Very few events have 3 or fewer participants, meaning someone has to make sure that only 3 at a time are in that unit or you personally are negligent should an accident occur. All of our bouncers are certified for a minimum of 10 persons or 1000lbs total whichever is less, meaning a party of 10 six-year old children can have their entire party bouncing at once. All of our bouncers are secured with 1/2 thick Steel Stakes, or sandbags with all anchor points rated to withhold up to 700lbs of tension at each point. You would need to have 2-3 events with these bouncers in order to get a return on your investment assuming that the bouncers make it that long. You will need to setup, take down, clean, disinfect, and store these units yourself. Are you really saving money or any convenience?